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Minecraft > Art Maker

Minecraft Art Maker

Step 1: Upload your image

Step 2: Crop & divide your image

Amount of horizontal and vertical maps

Height: Width:

Step 3: Choose settings

Color settings

Minecraft Version:

Map settings


Step 4: Result

Download map (map.dat)
  1. Create regular map in Minecraft (they will later be replaced with your own custom image).
  2. Save & exit your world
  3. Go to your Minecraft world save folder (click here for instructions).
  4. Navigate to your data folder. Check your latest map_#.dat file.
  5. Enter the number of your latest map_#.dat file (i.e. enter 56 for map_56.dat).
  6. Latest map_#.dat number:
  7. Download the file (unzip if necessary) and replace the map_#.dat file in your save folder with the new one.
  8. Open Minecraft and enjoy your new map!
  9. Download file (map.dat / maps.zip)

Your image




Minecraft Art Maker

This tool can create beautiful map art for you! You can use this map art to make your build even more beautiful. You need to give our website an image where you want you map art based on. After filling in some settings we calculate the Minecraft map for you and show it when it is done.



How to convert an image to a Minecraft Map?

You can convert an image to a Minecraft Map using this Map Maker for Minecraft! First, upload your images. Afterwards, customise your image, choose the settings and the converting process will begin! Follow the instructions given (after converting) on how to get it in your Minecraft world.



Map art of The Blue Marble



Why do I need to tell how many maps I have in my world?

We need this number so we don't accidentally overwrite other maps. This is because all maps you create in Minecraft have an id. This id increments with each time. When creating a new map with our tool, we want to add it to Minecraft as if it was a new map. This is why we need to know how many maps you have in your world.

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