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Trains in Factorio are the best!

497 words | 2 minute read

What is the best way to transport items in Factorio? Factorio is a management game where you have to build a really big factory. In this game you will often have to go do distant locations to build a factory there to collect resources for you. You are here presented with a choice, you can either use belts, trains or bots to transport your items back to the main base. You should always use trains because it is easy to expand your base, your base will be better structured and it costs less resources.

First of all, when you use trains it will be easier to expand your base. This is because you can easily connect a new railway to one that already exists. Trains will then be able to use your entire rail network to get to their destination. This is not the case with belts because then the belt will contain mixed resources, the belt is too slow to move many items and you will have to build complicated splitters to send the items to the right destination. Bots can also not be used because they can't move things over long distances. So that is why trains are the best option when you need to connect your factory to another distant factory.

Now you will say that is great, but aren't trains really expensive. This is true, but using alternatives will in the long run be even more expensive. Because one railway can support multiple trains, so you only have to build it once and then a lot of trains can use it. Also, every train can move multiple cargo wagons, and each cargo wagon can hold a lot of items. Belts and bots do not scale like this, you have to build new ones every time you want to expand. And they can move way less items at the same time. It does cost fuel to run a train, but this is an insignificant amount compared to the amount of benefits trains have. So trains are overall not that expensive, so this should not be a problem.

Lastly, if you use trains within your base, you will be forced to plan ahead, the result of this is that your base will be more structured. You have to plan ahead, because trains can't make sharp turns and it is best for them to drive in a straight path. This means that every part of your factory has to be ordered and must be able to be placed in a straight line. This will make sure it will not become a spaghetti where you don't understand where things go. So when you use trains, your base will become more structured and because of that it will be easier to get around.

So in conclusion, trains will make sure you can easily expand your base, they are cheaper, and your base will become more structured. Because of these reasons, you should always use trains in your base!