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Last week we released a brand new tool on our network. We released the tool scoreboard for the game Yu Gi Oh. This tool can track the amount of health you have left in a game of Yu Gi Oh. We made this tool because we think it should be as easy as possible to keep track of your scores.

The application scoreboard has a lot of different features, these include: 1. Keeping track of two different scores. 2. Being able to reset the game with one click. 3. Check the history of the entire game if you want to check something. 4. A dice and a coin that can make random decisions when this is needed in the game. 5. An undo button for when you unfortunately make a mistake.

Visit our new tool at this link

The game Yu Gi Oh is also new on our network. We decided to release this game on our website because we think it is a very nice game that is a lot of fun to play. We also wanted to experiment with making a tool for a board game instead of a video game. We are excited to see if the tools for this game will become a success.

This was it all, have a nice day!