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Cubecraft review

550 words | 3 minute read

Cubecraft is a minecraft server on which you can play minigames with other people. They have a good variation of different types of minigames. On average they have 2.000 people playing at the same time. But the amount of players really depends on the moment you are playing. It is most busy around 6 o’clock in the evening.

One of their biggest minigames is Eggwars. This is a game where you play in teams and your objective is to kill all the other teams. If you kill somebody, they can respawn if they still have an egg. But they will lose all the items they had on them. To take a team out, you first have to break the egg and then you have to kill all the people on that team. You can upgrade your stuff by collecting iron, gold and diamonds from generators. You can then buy stuff at the shop to make yourself stronger. This game requires a lot of tactics if you really want to win. But it is a very fun minigame.

Their biggest game is Lucky Block. In this game you have to mine lucky blocks and hope you get good loot. With this loot you have to take out all other players and if you are the last one standing you win the game. This game requires a lot of luck and not so much tactics. You do have to be good in pvp to win this game. This is one of the only servers that features this game and they have executed it really well. We recommend that you play this game.

One of their smaller games is Mineware. In this minigame you have to win different rounds of games to get points. The person with the most points wins. The rounds are all really different. Some require you to be good at pvp, parkour or building. Others require a lot of tactics to execute the task smarter than the rest. I really recommend you play this game when you have a few minutes left before you have to start doing something else.

Parkour is also a featured game. You play this game solo. In this game you try to do the parkour as fast as possible. You can get different types of virtual medals by completing the parkour within a time span. This is a really good game if you want to become better at parkour.

Another one of their big games is Skywars. In this game you spawn on an island and loot the chest you can manage to locate. With the gear and weapons you find, you fight the other teams and try to become the last person standing. In this game you have to consider what is smart to do: fight somebody for the loot or run away and don’t die. This game focuses on pvp and tactics. It is a really fun game to play.

They also have some other minigames that I won't be discussing here. Overall cubecraft is a great server to game on and I hope that you will come to that conclusion too. But if you don’t like this server, there are lots of other servers that you might like.