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Gamertools articles have been released!

272 words | 2 minute read

Welcome to the first article on gamertools, this is for us a very proud moment. Starting from this day we can give our opinions and research about games to you. We have plans of releasing one article every week, we hope we can keep up to that promise.

In this article I want to discuss what our vision is for gamertools. Our vision for the future of gamertools is that it will become a platform to find tools for every game. We also would like your help with this. If you have a really good idea for a tool, please let us know by sending us an email. We are very thankful if you can do that for us.

Making tools for every game that exists is hard, that is why we try to make tools that are universal and can be helpful for multiple games, like our resource calculator. It can be used for minecraft and also for mindustry. But it still takes a lot of time for us to make tools, but we love doing it, so it is not really a big problem.

Hosting our website costs money and we put a lot of effort and time into gamertools. That is why we are thinking about making a donation button. So you can support us, so we can focus on making even better tools for the games we all love.

We will be posting different types of articles. We will post updates like this one, but also guides to help you with your gaming experience. This will be the end of the first ever article.

See you next time!